Eight months since the Pulse shooting

On June 12, 2016, 49 innocent lives were taken in a massacre that is known as the worst hate crime in American history.

On that same day, scores of people made the promise to fight with all their might to build a safer world.

The LPP team looks back on our progress over the past four months of our project. We’re heartened by the groups who have joined the movement and signed on with the Project. So far, fifteen groups from two states have dedicated/plan to dedicate a performance of The Laramie Project to a victim of the Pulse shooting. These groups consist of college students, high school drama clubs, GSAs, theatre classes, and even professional companies like The Cherry Blossom Players LLC in northern NJ. Broadway Cares Equity/Fights AIDS, a fundraising and grant-making organization in NYC, has signed on too.

We are on the look out for out 33 more groups to be part of the LPP, an initiative that makes sure the names of the victims are never forgotten. We are utilizing all the tools we have to spread the project to schools and theatre groups across the country.

We are also relying on our audience to forward the project to more groups. Our goal is that by next June, we will have created beautiful theatre that challenges us to take a stand.

Follow us on twitter atr @theLPP2017 and view our Facebook page named The Laramie Project Project. Stay tuned for more updates–we are revving up.

With love,
LPP Team Member Alyssa


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