The Dru Project

christopher leinonen dru 1

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with Sara Grossman, who is the the Communications Director of The Matthew Shepard Foundation. She is also the Communications Director of The Dru Project.

Sara’s friend from college, Christopher Andrew Leinonen, was a victim of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, along with his partner, Juan Ramon Guerrero.

The Dru Project was created in Dru’s honor. This organization is carrying Dru’s name by forwarding compassion for the LGBTQ+ community.

Some awesome things the Dru Project has done include raffles for their organization, keynotes at high schools, and creating memorials for Dru, who is remembered as an incredible person, LGBTQ+ activist, and wonderful friend.

We are so happy to share this amazing project with our LPP community and we hope that you check out this link.

Also, check out this incredible mini documentary about Sara and Dru’s friendship and the project that was made out of dear love for her friend.

“I’m going to meet these people with hatred and fear in their hearts with love. That’s all that I can do. That’s all that I can offer.” -Sara

This is the goal of the LPP. To bring love into a world where there isn’t enough.

With hope,
LPP Team Leader Alyssa


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