George Washington Patriot Players LPP

April 19-22, 2017 George Washington Patriot Players from George Washington High School in Denver, Colorado puts on their production of The Laramie Project in honor of Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan. We are incredibly excited and honored to hear about their involvement in the Laramie Project Project because Colorado is the farthest LPP has gone across the country so far.

We would like to thank Mr. Scott Hasbrouck, the head of the school’s theatre department, as well as all the actors for being a part of the Laramie Project Project. This school not only captures Matthew’s story beautifully and truthfully, but also takes great pride in honoring the victims of Pulse. Attached below are several production pictures as well as a dedication page the Director put in the program to honor Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan.

As Mr. Hasbrouck states in his director’s note, “This is an incredible group of students who sit at what promises to be a pivotal time in our history. Retelling this story is what they are ready for and what they need to do – to speak out against hate in all its forms. Although I didn’t know a year ago how true this would be. I admire the courage of our students to tell the story and hold up the mirror. It is through their eyes which I look at the future, and they give me hope…H.O.P.E.”

Thank you all for your dedication to LPP and the victim, every one of you gives us HOPE.

With love,

LPP Team Member Cassidy




Production photos of George Washington Patriot Players production of The Laramie Project
Ylmary dedication.jpg
Dedication Page to Yimary Rodriguez Solivan
Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan…rest in peace and love.

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