Leigh Fondakowski visits an LPP Group

The Space Tampa, a LPP group, was recently visited by the Head Writer of The Laramie Project, Leigh Fondakowski. Ms. Fondakowski has been a member of Tectonic Theater Project since 1995. She is also an Emmy nominated co-screenwriter for the adaptation of The Laramie Project for HBO, and a co-writer of The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later. This is incredibly exciting news to hear, and we can’t wait to see what happens next. We would like to thank Jared O’Roark, director of The Space Tampa, and say how happy we are to work with a theatre artist who believes in theatre’s power to change lives. The Space Tampa will be doing their reading in honor of Jean Carlos Mendez and Eddie Jamoldroy Justice.
Jean’s family is local to the area, and we are honored to be memorializing his life as well as Eddie’s with such a great group.

With Love,

LPP Team Members Cassidy
leigh with the member of the space tampa
Leigh with our friends from Tampa!

Jean Carlos Mendez
Eddie Jamoldroy Justice



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