LPP Teacher Appreciation

On Teacher Appreciation Day 2017, we’d like to thank all of the teachers and professors who have signed their groups on with the LPP.
We’re proud to have 19 high schools and 7 colleges on board from 9 states. Three other groups are clubs from high schools.
We’ve learned that school can be an environment for open dialogue about the “real-world” topics that are often silenced. Teachers taking a stand for student acceptance and visibility deserve so much thanks.
In The Laramie Project, Rebecca Hilliker, a theatre teacher at the University of Wyoming, says, in the days after Matthew’s murder, that “…the students really need to talk. When this happened they started talking about it, and then the media descended and all dialogue stopped. You know, I really love my students because they are free thinkers…they are honest and they’re truthful—so there’s an excitement here, there’s a dynamic here with my students…”
Creating beautiful art to combat the hate of the terrible June hate crime is our ultimate goal. Students, keep talking.
With love,
LPP Team Leader Alyssa

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