LPP goes International!

The LPP team is thrilled to announce that the project has now gone international! Theatre groups in Nepal and the United Kingdom have officially joined this campaign in spreading awareness of hate crimes through theatrical projects. On May 19-28, a group of Nepali actors will put on a production of “The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later” representing One World Theatre in Kathmandu, Nepal. This unique production will also include stories of LGBTQ+ people from Nepal. View this for more info about this production. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gdijy8d25ifstgu/Laramie%2010%20-%20OWT%20One%20Sheeter.pdf?dl=0

The English run of “The Laramie Project” will be held at the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham, UK on May 6-20. The compelling story of The Laramie Project is rarely brought to audiences in the UK, so our team is inspired to hear of this great production.

We would like to thank Bruno Deceukelier and Deborah Merola for heading the One World production and Liz Plumpton for coordinating the Crescent one. The whole team is happy to know that the memories of Frank Hernandez and Martin Benitez Torres will be honored around the world.

With love,
LPP team member Taylor

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One World Theatre

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One World

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One World

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Crescent Theatre

Displaying Snow.jpgCrescent

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Image result for frank hernandez pulse
Frank Hernandez. Remembered as “a great big brother.” We hope to honor your memory, Frank.

Image result for martin benitez torres
Martin Benitez Torres…remembered as a “diligent and hardworking student.” We as students on the LPP team hope you rest in peace.


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