This week in LPP: Barnegat High School LPP on 6/12, Peace First Challenge, Australia hops on board

Barnegat High School will honor Kimberly Morris on June 12th, the one year anniversary of the tragic Pulse shooting. We are so inspired to have another Jersey Thespian Troupe on board with the LPP. Here is a picture of their Thespian officers with the scripts. We hope their experience with the LPP is rewarding and inspiring. Many thanks to Kerry Bollenbach for organizing this reading for her students.

Displaying IMG_7964.JPG

-The LPP Team is proud to have worked with the Peace First Challenge (Allstate) to create a script library project. Check out this awesome video by LPP Team Member Kelly.

-As of this morning, the LPP has a presence in four countries–US, UK, Nepal, and Australia! Torquay Theatre Group will honor  Jean C. Nieves Rodriguez. A shout out to Terry Roseburgh for contacting us and raising our number of groups involved to 44.

Upcoming blogs about The McCarter Theatre event and a reading with our own school’s National Honors Society.

Almost at 49 performances/readings. We are inspired by our participants!

With love,
LPP Team Leader Alyssa


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