This week in LPP: Groups in Harrisburg PA and Barnegat NJ

Another group in the works for LPP is the Susquehanna Township HS’s School of Performing Arts (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania). They are currently in the process of blocking their performance. This particular group will honor Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz. Here is a picture of them at one of their rehearsals! We are excited to have them onboard!  Shoutout to Jacob Runkel, a STHS senior, who first contacted us about getting their school on board. Their show will be July 29-30.

susq lpp 1
Note from Alyssa: This picture brings to mind the Greek Theatre set-ups…this theatre geek loves this 😛

A group of students from the Bengal Theatre Company and Barnegat High School Gay Straight Alliance (Barnegat, New Jersey) just held a stage reading of The Laramie Project on June 13th, 2017. This is a particularly special day because it is one day after the one year anniversary of the Pulse Shooting.  Thank you for helping us with our advocacy project! Also, thanks to Kerry Bollenbach, head of the Bengal’s Thespian Troupe. Below are pictures from their production, honoring Kimberly Morris. 

barnegat lpp.jpg
The participants of the Bengal LPP…go NJ schools!

barnegat lpp angels.jpg

barnegat lpp dennis.jpg

barnegat lpp matthew


barnegat lpp stage.jpg

Important info regarding the future of the LPP:
The LPP is proud to have officially committed 46 groups to honor the victims through theatre efforts. There are three other groups that we are in conversation with now. We are confident that all of the Pulse victims WILL be honored by theatre groups within the year. We’ve hit our threshold of 49 groups-interested twice within the last month. Our next mission is to sign on a group to honor the Pulse survivors.
Registration is ALWAYS open at this link:

A note from LPP Team Leader Alyssa: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the support regarding the Spirit Of Matthew Shepard Award!

With love,
LPP Team Member Taylor

peter o cruz lpp.jpg
Peter will be honored in PA this summer. Rest in peace ❤

kimberly lpp.jpg
Kimberly, Barnegat loves you ❤




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