Drew Adams, Friend of the LPP and Transgender Student Advocate, launches new initiative to further LGBTQ+ rights in his school

Hello LPP International Family! LPP Team Leader Alyssa here.

My friend Drew and fellow semi-finalist for the Spirit of Matthew Award is a student trailblazer, embarking on a fight for transgender rights in his school.

Drew was denied the right to use the bathroom that corresponds with his gender, and so Lambda Legal is assisting his family in making this right. Lambda Legal is an organization that makes cases for numerous LGBTQ+ people and those living with HIV.

Historically, Drew stood up for rights of LGBTQ+ kids many times. He’s shared his story with GLSEN, an organization advocating for safety for queer youth in school.

The LPP team sends all of our well-wishes to Drew and his family, and we stand with you in the fight!

Check out this story on Lambda Legal’s website:


This Pride Month, we remember that Stonewall began 48 years ago but it seems to not be over. We need to keep speaking in the silent places.

With Love,
LPP TL Alyssa

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Drew The Warrior!!


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