7/19: This Week in the LPP

church of england mate.jpg

LGBTQ+ Global: 
The Church of England has recently strode two pivotal steps forward in the direction of a more accepting faith community for LGBTQ citizens. Two motions proposed by The General Synod have yielded positive results, one of which in favor of abolishing gay conversion therapy (a vote of 298 to 74) , the other in favor of affirming Trans Christians as true members of the church (284 to 78). These two events will undoubtedly create a more accepting environment for LGBTQ parishoners, promoting God’s love in an honest and unbiased fashion, while also setting a noble example for other churches to follow. As the kids say nowadays…England, you’re doing great sweetie.

Here’s another beautiful example of #HonoringThemWithAction: Considering Matthew Shepard, and oratorio composed by Craig Hella Johnson and performed by Conspirare singers hailing from Texas.

LPP Local:
Check out two blogs this week about two Jersey LPP readings–past and present. Troupe 7161 at Robbinsville High School carried the LPP banner last winter, infusing The Laramie Project into the classroom.

PFLAG Collingswood along with The Social Responsibility Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Cherry Hill will host a reading this October. We encourage all of our Jersey hearts to attend for an epic LPP reunion.

LPP Blog:
A note about the updates on our Groups on Board page: while the LPP Pulse Memory Project does not have 49 names on the blog, our team is in conversation with about eight groups at the moment. We can assure the last three names on our list will be honored by specific theatre groups within the year.

Due to logistical reasons and event planning, these three singular names are reserved for three of these prospective groups.

Therefore we’ve assigned our first two group dedications to Glencoe High School (OR, honoring the families of the victims) and Camden County Technical School (NJ, honoring the wounded and survivors of the shooting.)

We added some stats to page about the geography of the LPP…it’s remarkable to list all of these state abbreviations. Onward, upward, forward and outward!

LPP Team:
LPP Team Leader Alyssa received this Matthew Shepard Foundation Summer Newsletter and opened it up to find…her sophomore year headshot. Okay, things are getting real now! Don’t let the first face fool you…she’s out of her mind pumped.

As we approach 49, more is still in store for the LPP. Stay tuned.

With love,
LPP Team Leader Alyssa and Team Member Dylan


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