Getting Started with The Laramie Project Project

Welcome to The Laramie Project Project! We’re glad that you could be a part of this remarkable journey for social advocacy after an event so tragic as the Pulse nightclub shooting.
Now that you’ve expressed interest, it’s time to begin the process.

Please fill out the quick registration below and contact us at if you have any questions.  Remember this process is as extensive as you want it to be, our goal is merely to spread awareness, love and compassion!  lpp-pins

Please send an email to after you’ve registered, so we can match you up with our records/your name, as quickly as possible.

Purchasing  Scripts &  Applying for Rights:

Please be aware that The Laramie Project is copywritten material and it is against the law to perform the play without applying for royalties.  According to the Dramatist Play Services you may only host a closed reading of the play if you are without royalties.  It is your responsibility to check out their website in order to be in accordance with the rules and regulations.


When you have completed either your discussion/reading/performance, feel free to fill out the survey here.